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View Factor products are designed for professional users who demand the best.  We make products with agressive industrial and functional design that stand the test of time.

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You provide the Logo, We provide the Laser. Make your accessories uniquely yours.


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View Factor products are MADE IN USA. We design, manufacture, and assemble our products in California to the highest  possible standards.


Contineo GH4 Cage.

The all new Contineo GH4 cage ships 7/2/14 - just in time for shoot some fireworks in 4K. The uni-body 1/2 lb cage is machined from a single block of 6061 aluminum. Options include adjustable handles, HDMI clampbrackets, cold shoes, 15mm brackets, and 15mm lightweight standard riser kits.

-Pricing is expected to be $249 for the cage and $30 for the HDMI clamp bracket. -The adjustable side handles are expected to be $150 each.

-The riser kit will be $150 and will allow you to use the cage with any standard 15mm lightweight setup.

-Cold shoes are available now for $15 each.

Contineo GH4 Cage

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