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View Factor specializes in camera support products for the cinema and television industries, specifically concentrating on motion, camera and lens control systems. At View Factor we strive to make innovative high quality equipment at affordable prices. We develop our ideas from the ground up never comprimising on our company policy of innovation. We scrub over every product design to make it as compact, functional, and durable as possible while maintaining an attractive industrial design.

We like to include our customers in the design process as it gives us a better insight into what people want and it allows our customers to have more say in what features are included in our products. We will continue to innovate and build cutting edge camera support equipment and provide a valuable brand that will stand the test of time. The way we see it we aren't just manufacturing equipment we are making the tools that enable our customers to put their dreams on the big screen. 

To all of you, from all of us at View Factor Studios. Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

View Factor Studios

28231 Ave Crocker Unit 90
Valencia CA. 91355 
Phone: 1-888-459-8450



View Factor Team

Curt von Badinski
Co-Founder and Technical Operations 

Joshua von Badinski
Co-Founder and Sales Manager 

John von Badinski
Business Development and Webmaster 
Caroline von Badinski
Accounting Manager