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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • ?????

    A little bit of R&D for the new FIZ.... EF lens control anyone?

  • CargoHold™ Cases FINALLY SHIPPING

    We finally got our mold issues squared away and are going to be shipping the ESD and clear CargoHold™ cases on Tuesday.  The colored version will follow shortly after (waiting on the colorant which should be here mid-week).

  • Off to anodizing...

    Here's the new battery plate with hinge assembly and 15mm thin MultiForce™ clamp. The first batch ships Tuesday.


  • A few new products coming out next week.

    Hello all.  Here are a few new product announcements that might be of interest to those building up a rig for the BMCC or any camera for that matter.

    Earlier we announced the new MultiForce™ clamping design for our 15mm wide bottom bracket on the Contineo BMC cage.  One downside to the wider bracket is that it is really meant to be used solely for bottom mounting. We are happy to announce that we are in the process of finalizing the thin version of the 15mm MultiForce™ clamp. With the thinner design you can mount to the top, side or bottom of a cage or mount our new battery plates directly to 15mm rods.

    The battery plates have interchangeable cables so you can use them with the BMCC or purchase cables for other cameras soon. The cables are clamped down with a small bracket and use a simple Molex connector on one end so no soldering is necessary for change out.

    In addition to the battery plate we have developed a very compact friction hinge bracket that will hold even the largest batteries in position without the use of any tools. Just tilt the battery plate to where you like it and it will stay there - no fuss.  Please note that the $199 pricing we originally set for the battery plate was for the non-tilting version that can only be mounted horizontally. It includes the 15mm thin MultiForce™ mounting bracket. The new friction hinge assembly will run $50 so the hinged version of the battery plates will be priced at $249.  As always, we use only original IDX and Anton Bauer plates... no knockoffs.

    Video demos and pictures of of all of these new products will be posted shortly.

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