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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Top Handle first articles ... off to anodizing

    Here's a quick update. The top handle fixtures are complete and the first units have been machined. Here's a ton of pictures with it mounted every way we could think of. Keep in mind that side mounting option works but its not as comfortable as when top mounted. We will have a right angle spacer block that can be interchanged with the straight version for when side mounting is required. This should be on the store tomorrow set at $119 ( Top handle only - as shown in the first picture below) . Shipping in large quantity before 10/26.

  • Contineo BMC Top Handle

    Here's what we have in store for those of you looking for an affordable top handle for the Contineo BMC cage. We made the design modular so we can configure it in different ways by changing out one part. There will be a side-mount option very soon as well as alternate base mounts so it can be used with the FMJ. The handle can also be mounted onto the Multiforce 15mm thin bracket if you need to attach directly to 15mm rods.  We will have this on the store early in the week and pricing is expected to be $119.

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