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  • Arri & Red Mounting Brackets

    We're proud to introduce some adapters to allow you to mount Arri gear to Contineo cages as well as FMJ/Red accessories. These brackets bolt to either 1/2" or 18mm (2x 9mm) spaced holes and provide a single 3/8"-16 mounting location with locating pin holes for standard Arri accessories.  Both the Red-Arri and VF-Arri are on the store now for $25 Ea.




  • HDMI/Power Clamp for Contineo BMPC

    We are finally caught up on production of cages so we will be bringing out a few new accessories over the next couple weeks.  First up is the HDMI and Power cable clamp.  Its designed to accommodate various cable sizes without causing damage to your pocket camera connectors.   It is on the store now for $40 and will be shipping before 2/17.



  • Protect your Camera from anything

    Just a quick take on the strength of the BMPC Cage...more extreme photos to come


  • Contineo BMPC cages start going out Tuesday.


  • The Contineo BMPC

    We are pleased to announce a new line of accessories for the BMD Pocket Camera.  These items will be on the store this weekend and will be shipping before Aug. 16th 2013. Place your orders here

    Contineo Basic BMPC Cage (includes mounting all mounting screws) $100BMPC_CAGE_BOTTOM BMPC_CAGE_BACKBMPC_CAGE_TOP


    Front Grips. Rubberized Ultragrip or Wood Grip, both $40BMPC_CAGE_ULTRAGRIPBMPC_CAGE_WOODGRIP


    PL Mounting Bracket for Hot Rod PL Mount $75 (PL Mount Available through Hot Rod Cameras)BMPC_CAGE_PL_BRKTBMPC_CAGE_PL


    Bolt-OnCold Shoe Mount $15 each.COLDSHOE


    Basic Cage Kit $250 (Rods are sold separately)BMPC_BASIC_KIT1BMPC_BASIC_KIT3BMPC_BASIC_KIT2

    Various Configurations Possible:BMPC_FULL_KIT2BMPC_FULL_KIT1


    Rear Lexan Cover: $15BMPC_PLASTIC

  • Origo Wireless Operation Video

    Hey all. After a couple weeks of tweaking we are very close to getting these units into beta testing with some folks in the Los Angeles area.  Here's a video showing some of the functionality - there will be another complete video demo in a day or two where we will explain how all of the buttons and modes work.  Please note that all of these features will be available with an addon to the Impero controller in the near future and we will also have an origo receiver for use with nearly all cinema cameras on the market.

  • Module Adapters for +1/Pro IO

    These will be on the store in a couple days.  Now you can use your +1 or Pro IO module  with the APU.  Available on the store for pre-order now, ships before the end of next week (4/5/13)

    +1 kit: Click Here
    Pro IO kit: Click Here

  • Origo Wireless Protos Arrived

    Hey all, here is a sneak peak at the final design of the wireless Origo.  The tooling is running on the mill and we expect to have first shots next week - just in time for beta testing.  Complete specs to be announced shortly.  The price point is going to be $399 and a pre-order should be up next week for delivery in April.

  • Novo Digital Camera

    Here is the latest weekend project from View Factor - a rehoused GoPro Hero 3!  These are VERY difficult to assemble and as such we aren't going to be offering them as a product,  but the good news is that we have worked out a rental program with the kind folks at Radiant Images in Los Angeles.

    The Novo has an adjustable back focus ring and can work with nearly any C-Mount lens. We have an internal CPU interfaced to the camera that allows us to enable/disable the auto exposure as well as provide digital zoom for checking critical focus. The buttons on the front are assignable to several functions depending on the application.

    Radiant Images will have a package deal which includes the Novo, custom geared C-Mount lenses, and misc accessories.  We will have more information on that in the next couple weeks. You can also check out their site at

  • Origo-W Wireless Prototype

    We are proud to announce a new product that will be ready for prime time very soon... the wireless Origo.  The Origo-W will wirelessly start and stop your Epic/Scarlet using the WIFI built into the camera so there are no cables or boxes to mount. The all new Origo-W is only slightly larger than the original Origo yet it has a number of features that will make it an indispensable tool for your kit. Currently we have the protocols designed to work with  RED EPIC® and SCARLET® cameras but we will have additional receiver hardware options to work with conventional GPIO and Lanc-based camera control scenarios as well.

    --Long battery life with only a CR2032 Battery(More on that soon)
    --Compact size: 2.21"x 0.92" x 0.52" (56mm x 23mm x 13mm)
    --Wireless: 2.4 GHz direct control of RED EPIC® and SCARLET® cameras.
    --OFN finger navigation sensor (12-bit control in X and Y axis, mappable to menu navigation or EF lens control)
    --Four user assignable buttons (assign the same way as the buttons on the REDMOTE®)
    --LEDs for battery and tally readout. 100%  accurate to values on camera display
    --Four mounting holes for handle mounting brackets etc.
    --Rear battery cover includes a lanyard loop for included neck strap
    --Micro USB input for power and firmware updates
    --FCC, IC, and ETSI certified.

    A great thing about the newer firmware from Red is that they have allowed multiple REDMOTE® controllers to be used at the same time.  So you could feasibly have a redmote for a display/control, an Origo-W for menu navigation, and yet another for controlling an EF lens.

    Estimated MRSP on the Origo-W will be less $425. A pre-order page will be up on this site within the next few weeks.  No orders are billed until units are ready to ship. 


    One last note: We continue to offer DFF credit towards any products we are shipping... that includes the Origo-W. So if you currently have an Impero/Inclino order on the books you can use that credit towards anything we make. (Read More)
    Please see our post on the forum for the latest status on the development of the Inclino/Impero.

    EPIC®, SCARLET®, and REDMOTE® are registered trademarks of, Inc. View Factor is not affiliated with, Inc. 

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