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Product Status Report

Product status updates

  • Protect your Camera from anything

    Just a quick take on the strength of the BMPC Cage...more extreme photos to come


  • RED DSMC 2.0 Fan Upgrades

    This posting is for those of you who have questions concerning the recent fan upgrades RED has made and compatibility with the FMJ Top and 15mm Lightweight bracket. Both our FMJ Top and 15mm Lightweight Bracket require no modifications to be made in order to use them with the fan upgrade.

  • Off to anodizing...

    Here's the new battery plate with hinge assembly and 15mm thin MultiForce™ clamp. The first batch ships Tuesday.


  • First pre-production Contineo BMC Cages

    We have first units off of the production fixtures. The cages should be shipping next week as scheduled. We have a
    few units going out to some notable individuals for testing and expect to  have anodized units this week. If you would like to place an order you can do so here. 

  • Contineo Cage for the Black magic Cinema Camera

    We are pleased to announce the all new Contineo Cage for the BMCC. The cage does not add any width to the camera and provides numerous mounting options for your accessories. The 15mm mounting bracket is spaced for the BMCC and will allow you to easily mount any standard 15mm lightweight matte box with 85mm lens height. Shim plates will also be available for mounting the cage to any ARRI or ET/Red bridge plates.

    To Pre-order follow this link.

    Additionally, We are offering 15mm stainless steel rods in lengths of 3"($15), 6"($25), 8"($35), 12"($40), 16"($45), 18"($50), 24"($70), and 32"($85).

    The expected ship date is August 3rd and pre-orders will be accepted starting early next week. Pricing for the Cage (Top/Bottom/Sides) with 15mm lightweight bracket is only $299. Additional 15mm brackets will be available at $99 if top mounted rods are needed. IDX and Anton Bauer battery plates with 15mm mounting and a 18" BMCC power cable will be priced at $199 ea.

    Several other accessories will be announced shortly. Check back frequently. You can also visit the forum to discuss this and other accessories from View Factor.


    Get the sale items while they are still available! The Best deal is the LEVO and FMJ Top Lite kit for $250.00 over $100 off the retail.

  • CargoHold™ Delayed

    Our mold has been delayed by 2 weeks. We will make the wait worth it for those that have already ordered.

  • CargoHold™ Case ships on July 13th!

    Introducing the most compact case for your valuable REDMAG™ SSD drives. Available in multiple colors as well as ESD protective.

  • Levo Cinema Camera Strap Drop Test

    Below is an extreme drop test of the LEVO Camera Strap...42 Pounds to be exact.


  • Levo Brackets and Straps Shipping

    Lots of Levo Cinema Camera Straps shipping. Get yours while they are in stock!

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